Help Yourself Sleep Better as New Parents

Get Better Sleep As A New ParentYour sleep is important. There’s no debating in that. When you get a full night’s sleep your body feels refreshed, you have more energy, bodies are fitter, minds are sharper. Now that junior is here, that’s all gone.

It’s said that within the first two years, parents lose out on up to 6 months sleep. That’s 25% less sleep! And beyond that, what little sleep you are still getting isn’t any good. You wake up 3 or 4 times a night or are up for extended periods of time.

Not everyone requires the same amount of sleep, but it’s said that between 7 – 9 hours are the appropriate need for adults, and anywhere between 6 – 10 hours of sleep is appropriate. If you’re like most new parents, even though your child may be getting upwards of 17 hours of sleep a day, you may only be seeing 4 hours regularly for a while.

Getting enough sleep can directly affect your quality of life. We’ve all seen a drained parent and think that you’ll have more energy than them. You’ve always been a good sleeper. That’s probably not the case or else you wouldn’t be here looking for solutions to sleep better as a new parent. While your body sleeps it restores your body and processes your day. This leads to an increase in creativity, energy, wellness and social skills.

Sleep deprivation can have short term effects such as fatigue and irritability as well as long term effects like premature skin aging, weekend immune system, decreased sex drive and increased risk of depression. It’s important to get ahead of these issues by looking for ways to help you and your child sleep better on a regular basis.

If you feel that you’re experiencing relationship problems, delirium, health problems, depression, or any other serious issues then go see a doctor. It’s important to be healthy for yourself and your family.

Baby Awake at Night

Why isn’t my baby sleeping?

Losing sleep because of a new baby isn’t a new problem, but there are so many new ways to manage the issue! Our understanding of sleep patterns and childhood development understanding has come some far.

We will explain why new parents are not getting enough sleep as they occur. It is not all that your baby is hindering your sleep. Some reasons may be:

  • Overnight Feeding
    While you may not like to eat past 8pm, we’re sure you’ve noticed that your little buddy likes to eat a few times overnight.
  • Colic, Crying Baby
    Having a colic baby is at first heart-wrenching, but after a few nights it can be absolutely infuriating. Helping a colic baby can greatly increase your child’s (and more importantly your) nights.
  • Parental Worry
    When push comes to shove, you love your child and want them to be healthy. Every next step in your child’s development leads to new worries. When your child moves to a new room, the first time she sleeps through the night, every sneeze is a cause for worry and wakes you up at night.
  • Dirty Diapers Need Changing
    Everybody Poops. It’s a fact. And babies poop more often and at all hours. A gassy baby after feeding leads to a diaper change or two during the night and is just one more reason why you lose out on sleep.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, see why else your baby may be keeping you up here.

How Can We Sleep Better with Kids

For as many reasons why your child is keeping you up all night, there is at least one tip and trick from a friend, neighbor, doctor, chiropractor, cashier and dog washer. How do you wade through the bull and find something that works for you? We have identified systems to help with large groups of sleep issues for new children such as:

  • Trading Responsibilities
    One parent shouldn’t shoulder the load alone. There are several techniques to help ease into a sleep sharing system that can eliminate some of the loads. Even if mommy is breastfeeding a new baby, partners can help.
  • Create a Routine
    For every point in your life, establishing a sleep routine helps. Creating a sleep routine for new babies, toddles, and young children is a valuable tool for your well-being and theirs.
  • Sleep Training
    Sleep training is a method used to help transition a baby into a more independent sleeper. With your child’s increased independence comes your increased beauty sleep.
  • Maybe You Need More
    There is no shame in needing more than setting up a system to deal with sleep deprivation as a parent.

Beyond systems, there are several aids and methods that will help everyone get back to sleep. Each has its purpose, but not all are the best for everyone. Look at our reviews of products, suggested books and more to see if you may need help. If you think you do, then take this information and any tips you’ve heard from your friend’s cousin’s roommate’s dogwalker to your doctor for further recommendations and possible diagnoses.

Let’s Sleep Through the Night Baby!

Lastly, this is not a medical site. You know your child and if your gut says something wrong, or if a sleepless child is one of a combination of symptoms, bring your child to a doctor. Their health and safety is number one.

Getting your baby to sleep through the night may be what you need to do. But let’s not forget that once your baby is asleep, you’re free to go to sleep and get back to a healthy sleep habit. While you are certainly in for a few sleepless nights… let’s make sure to take some back!

Sleeping Baby = Happy Parents