Sleep Help for New Parents in Hot Weather

Better Sleep in Hot WeatherWhat Helps Parents to Sleep in Hot Weather

How do I cool off before bed?

During long summer months, it’s sometimes tough to get remain well-rested when you are struggling to lay down and get comfortable at night. Toddlers and infants often sleep less in hot weather too, for similar reasons. The best sleep conditions are when your room is dark and cool, so finding ways to cool off before heading to bed is key.

Two very simple ways that can help cool you off before you head to bed for the night are to take a cool shower before bed and then stay stripped down to as few layers of light clothing as possible. If you’re comfortable enough, sleeping naked is also an option.

This seems basic enough, why am I even suggesting it? Well, it’s often the most basic items (like a cold shower or sleeping naked) that can be forgotten.

Additionally, you can use icepacks under your body to cool down on summer nights. While these may sweat over then

What can help me cool off at night?

Take the plunge, energy efficient AC

While this is the most obvious and probably what you are looking to avoid, it is the most obvious way to sleep through hot nights for a reason. If you are looking to avoid high energy costs or want to reduce your carbon footprint look at energy efficient Air Conditioners for just one or two rooms in your house. This can help you and your new child sleep better during nap time and bed time.


Not into AC’s, try a fan

We’re pretty sure you’re already trying this one as well since it is another (painfully) obvious way to keep cool, but we figured it couldn’t go without being said. Having a fan can circulate air around a stuff room as well as give you and your toddler or newborn a constant breeze. And where window height may cause a problem on second floors, a fan is a great way to pull cooler night air into a room.

Change your sheets to be cooler in hot weather

When it comes to sheets, many parents have preferences for what they’d prefer. I personally need a sheet that provides some cooling and stay away from thread counts that are too low. There can be a ton of research that goes into sheets alone, whether you need deep pockets, wrinkle-free, sheets for sensitive skin, etc. However, if you are looking to cool off at night, then look for cooler material sheets. Often they have higher thread counts and are made of lighter fabric (cotton, but not fleeced).


Change to a quilted comforter in bed for a better summer sleep

Focusing on your comforter is not what you’d imagine to be your first thought when trying to get a good night rest during a long summer night, but it can do wonders. Even if you don’t plan on using a blanket or comforter on top of your body, chances are you will sleep on top of one. If you are looking to get a better night sleep, avoid big, bulky blankets made of down or filled with down alternative and cotton. Having something quilted to lay on top of will not cool you off, but it won’t hold in the heat either.

Gel Cool Mattresses or Mattress Toppers

Getting a new mattress is a chore and we’re sure you’ve heard that Memory Foam Mattresses are hot to sleep on. This may be why you’re avoiding getting anything new and sleeping in a dip that you’ve made over the last 10 years. In the last few years a ton of companies have come out with new types of mattresses that help cool off a sleeping adult. Gel cool or even more breathable foam is a great mattress option to investigate.

Personally, when we were doing research into new mattresses I was concerned with this problem. After all our research, we went with Purple and are really happy with the decision. Do the research for yourself, but know there are options for a cooler mattress.

More Ways for Parents to Cool Off on Hot Nights


Avoid some bedding to stay cool at night

Even if you are sleeping on top of and not under your bedding, it can hold and radiate heat during the sweltering summer nights.

A duvet on top of your comforter is added layers at night that will hold the heat in. While laying on them, you’re pressing yourself up against all that warmth.

The same is said for Down Comforters during the summer. Try to strip them off the bed and properly store them for the winter when temperatures drop.