A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night’s Sleep

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 4th Edition: A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night’s Sleep

Author – Marc Weissbluth M.D.

Published – 2015

With Celebrity endorsements such as Cindy Crawford and appearances on Oprah, sleep doctor Marc Weissbluth is well trusted, respected and known for his knowledge of child sleep behaviors. It’s no wonder he’s written such a powerful, step-by-step sleep program to deliver great night’s sleep for children (and parents).

Marc Weissbluth is an American pediatrician and child sleep disorder specialist out of Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Much like in Dr. Ferber’s sleep book, in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, Dr. Weissbluth discusses actionable tactics to help parents and children get a better night sleep.

This book is the 4th (and latest) edition of his approach to preventative measures you can take in a format that is very easy to read through and ordered in a way that anyone can follow, solving sleep problems in your child with ease.

The book features a number of hot topics for all types of parents (new parents, parents of multiples, second time parents, etc). Dr. Weissbluth discusses preventative steps and treatment for sleep issues in children throughout a number of different temperaments as they all require different approaches to solving a sleep issue. His approach also discusses the difference between daytime sleep and nighttime sleep and why each sleep type is important to your child. Lastly outlining how a child’s sleep problems can cause issues later in life.

Weissbluths sleep book also discusses the obstacles working mother’s have, the challenges fathers have comforting children at night and common mistakes parents make when putting kids to sleep. He then outlines a step-by-step sleep program that eases children to sleep when they are nap resistant or when a child needs sleep training. All while not forgetting that there are some cases, like crying babies, nightmares and bedwetting issues that may be an underlaying reason for sleep troubles.

The book is available in both in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon but can also be found Parenting sections of bookstores all over.